Sunday, February 28, 2010

The giant inflatable beavers really sealed the deal.

During the games in Vancouver, I found myself watching more Olympics coverage than I usually do. I think I just like most winter sports more than "summer" let's be honest, this time of year it's not too hard to talk myself into parking my butt in front of the TV for hours on end. Another factor: I got to watch a lot of it with my friends Elizabeth & Peter, who are
really into speed skating. Peter grew up doing lots of speed skating downstate and even tried out for the Olympic team a few times - so watching it with someone who knows so much about it definitely made it more interesting, and more exciting, too. Now I feel like if called upon, I could converse at least semi-intelligently about speed skating, whereas before I watched it with Peter, I would've been limited to variations on, "Wow, they go fast." Although actually, yeah, I'd probably still have to resort to that quite a bit.

Anyway, my four favorite moments:

4. Johnny Weir in his crown of roses.


God, I wish I got the Sundance Channel so I could see his show.

3. While we're on the subject of figure skating: oh, the ice dancers. Their costumes were epic, weren't they?

2. The Norwegian curling team's pants.

Now those were some pants.

1. The portion of the Closing Ceremony that featured William Shatner doing a tamer version of his famous "I Am Canadian" bit, Catherine O'Hara apologizing for how often Canadians say "sorry" ("We just like to say sorry; it's our real national pastime. Canadians say 'sorry' ten, twenty times a day, and we're sorry it's not more"), and Michael J. Fox ...followed by Michael Buble leading a show-stopping number entitled "Made in Canada," featuring dancers dressed like Mounties, sexy ladies dressed as maple leaves, dancing canoes, a giant representation of table hockey and...wait for it...GIANT INFLATABLE BEAVERS (and moose).

Foxy maple leaf. Ta-dah!
Mounties & table hockey figures. Giant inflatable beaver.

(Now, if only they'd stopped there and not brought out Nickelback and Avril Lavigne after that's something that might merit a "sorry.")

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