Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New York, Pt. 1: Regina's Apartment

Regina and I met out in Montana.

Long story short: we were both VISTAs. We were both fans of Twin Peaks. And we were both born on April 4th. (Well, almost. I was born at 11:50 PM on the 3rd a year earlier, after all. But it's close enough.) We both also really like mailing and receiving postcards. Clearly, some sort of kismet was at work here.

Regina fetched me from JFK Airport on 5/22 (remember this JFK reference, because it'll come back later, okay?), and took me back to her apartment in Brooklyn for a break before heading out that evening to meet up with some of her friends downtown.

(Regina by the fabulous if slightly-in-need-of-dusting fireplace in her building's lobby.)

Funny sidenote: anyone else remember a story on the news back in March about an SUV falling into a big sinkhole on a NYC street? Yeah, well, that was right down the street from Regina's place. Go figure.)

That said, Regina's current domicile is lovely. Seriously. Yeah, there's a mouse that lives behind the stove, and people seem to get randomly locked out on their fire escapes a lot, but compared to her digs in Billings...this place is like the Taj Mahal. Actual floors! Insulation! The option to take showers without having to use a garden hose coming out of the wall!

Regina and Cheda (her dog) have clearly moved on up. Of course, it helps that now she's got her fiancé John to help with the rent. (More on John later.) Strength in numbers!

(From left, clockwise: ACTUAL SHOWERHEAD!, Regina making some pie, Cheda waiting for someone to throw him a plastic water bottle to chew on.)

New York - The Introduction

One month ago, I took my first-ever trip to New York City.

And finally, here's some pictures/stories. :+)

(Tunnel at the Detroit Airport--it's like Disneyworld.)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Why have they not filmed an episode of "Cops" here yet?

Tuesday, 8:01 PM:
A Washburn caller reported that there was a porcupine in Memorial Park. Update, 8:20 PM: The porcupine was now up in a tree, and the area around it had been roped off.

Friday, 6:27 AM: Report of about 19 cows, some long-horned, loose on Hwy 13 and Lamont Road.

Friday, 9:46 AM: Caller reported that her neighbor burns garbage in the morning and it smells.

Friday, 10:30 AM: A Bear Lake Road caller reported that his brother was putting up harassing signs again.

Friday, 11:42 AM: Report of theft of a playground toy in Port Wing.

Friday, 11:46 AM: Report of a porcupine by the Washburn coal dock.

Friday, 1:54 PM: Report of a juvenile hiding in the bushes on Hwy 13 and jumping out at passing vehicles.

Friday, 4:00 PM: An anonymous female caller reported a group of kids skateboarding on Mack Street, making "gestures" and refusing to move for passing cars.

Friday, 6:46 PM: Caller reported someone took his son's truck and backed it into a ditch.

Friday, 9:05 PM: Report of kids on top of the Washburn Elementary School.

Friday, 11:28 PM: A Red Cliff caller reported that they had gotten into a verbal argument with a neighbor over a kickball game.

Saturday, 9:20 AM: A Washburn caller reported that someone had put a huge boulder on his car seat, and that he would like it documented.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What the hell ARE the Peace Corps doing in Moldova, anyway?

See, this is why I went with AmeriCorps. No clowns. ;+)

(My apologies to Jamie, but holy heck, this was just too damn funny.)

Why I don't listen to the radio once I'm conscious, part two.

I've mentioned this before. There's a guy who calls into our local classic rock radio station every day and yells, "GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!" regardless of the trivia question being asked during the "morning drive time."

I still love that he calls every day, and I still love that the radio station puts him on the air every day.

But it's taken on a new twist.

"GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!" guy has now taken to, in addition to the grill mention, inexplicably yelling out..."BURT REYNOLDS!"

Leading to the mental image I've tried to recreate above.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I wonder if he knows Splinter.

As I turned out of our driveway on my way to work yesterday morning, I spotted what appeared to be a large rock (or maybe a big clump of grass clippings) down at the bottom of our road. When I got toward the stop sign, though, it became very apparent that the "rock" had a tail.
And yessirree, there you have a big ol' Wisconsin
snapping turtle.

Now, normally when I find turtles on the road around here, I'll run over, pick them up, and move them to the side they're aiming toward. The lil' buggers really don't stand a chance crossing the busy county road between our place and the wetlands on the other side, so I like to help Mother Nature hedge her bets a bit and interfere.

But those are box turtles. Box turtles can't bite my fingers off. Mr. Snappy here can. So after I rolled down my car window, took a few pictures, and wished him good luck, I left Mr. Snappy to his own devices for the day.

Later that day, my mom remarked, "Hey, I saw a turtle out by the neighbor's mailbox this morning--and he was BIIIIIIIG!" So that means that in the hour between when my mom & I leave for work in the morning, the little dinosaur had probably put in about a quarter mile of walking. Not bad, for a turtle, anyway.

When I got home from work that night, I didn't see any busted-up turtle shells lining the side of the road, so I'm going to assume he made it to the swamp unscathed. :+)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Target marketing--to the EXTREME!

Parked next to my car after work yesterday:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things I find in the gutter.

1. Malfunctioning wristwatches
2. Rusty jewelry
3. Loose change
4. Flower petals

(Got back from NYC late last night...pictures and stories will follow this weekend.)