Friday, July 07, 2006

New York, Pt. 3 - More Forbes! (For Free!)

What, you thought we were done when we got through with the soldiers? Ohhh, no, my friends, Malcolm Forbes has more for you to see. (For free.)

After the seemingly endless rooms full of toy soldiers (I mean that in a good way!), one enters an area that's part museum, part swap meet. And Forbes meant it to be that way. In this area, there's a collection of stuff like trophies, awards, plaques, and to take words right out of the gallery's mouth, they "are displayed against a backdrop evoking their inglorious descent from priceless prizes to merchandise found at flea markets, pawnbrokers’ shops, and auction houses."

Or, as Spinal Tap succinctly put it, "it shows the passing of time." ;+)

(Above: Indiana Jones--"This is the cup of a Gallilean carpenter..." Knight--"You choose wisely.")

After the trophies comes...the Monopoly boards.

"Like millions of others, my brothers and I started playing Monopoly at an early age. It whetted our capitalist appetites--and led to numerous fights. Similar to other Monopoly addicts, we also added our own rules, giving the game an extra dimension as well as teaching us the truth of the adage that there is more than one way to do business. So when these original Monopoly boards became available, we decided they were a must, a fitting addition to the FORBES Magazine collection. Alas, we couldn't pay for them with Monopoly money."
--Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr.

There's the original Monopoly board (called the Landlord's Game), as well as a bunch of other prototypes, editions from around the world (the Russian one confused us--I mean, the whole communists-playing-an-insanely-capitalistic-board-game bit), and even one apparently made especially for Forbes & his friends (Oligopoly)...

The final room on the way out of the gallery was filled with Warhol prints...and it's probably a good thing they weren't the originals, because Regina has a really hard time following instructions. ;+)

(Below: The shot that would've gotten security called on us were they not prints; not the actual Campbells soup paintings, but close enough. FOR FREE!)

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