Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why I don't listen to the radio once I'm conscious, part two.

I've mentioned this before. There's a guy who calls into our local classic rock radio station every day and yells, "GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!" regardless of the trivia question being asked during the "morning drive time."

I still love that he calls every day, and I still love that the radio station puts him on the air every day.

But it's taken on a new twist.

"GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!" guy has now taken to, in addition to the grill mention, inexplicably yelling out..."BURT REYNOLDS!"

Leading to the mental image I've tried to recreate above.


Red Crown Imperial said...

is it david hasselhauf who calls in?

Mary said...

I think if Hasselhoff was going to call in, he'd be more likely to yell something like, oh, "DAVID HASSELHOFF!" instead of Burt Reynolds. The guy just seems like too shameless a self-promoter to let a golden opportunity like that pass him by. ;+)