Monday, June 19, 2006

Why have they not filmed an episode of "Cops" here yet?

Tuesday, 8:01 PM:
A Washburn caller reported that there was a porcupine in Memorial Park. Update, 8:20 PM: The porcupine was now up in a tree, and the area around it had been roped off.

Friday, 6:27 AM: Report of about 19 cows, some long-horned, loose on Hwy 13 and Lamont Road.

Friday, 9:46 AM: Caller reported that her neighbor burns garbage in the morning and it smells.

Friday, 10:30 AM: A Bear Lake Road caller reported that his brother was putting up harassing signs again.

Friday, 11:42 AM: Report of theft of a playground toy in Port Wing.

Friday, 11:46 AM: Report of a porcupine by the Washburn coal dock.

Friday, 1:54 PM: Report of a juvenile hiding in the bushes on Hwy 13 and jumping out at passing vehicles.

Friday, 4:00 PM: An anonymous female caller reported a group of kids skateboarding on Mack Street, making "gestures" and refusing to move for passing cars.

Friday, 6:46 PM: Caller reported someone took his son's truck and backed it into a ditch.

Friday, 9:05 PM: Report of kids on top of the Washburn Elementary School.

Friday, 11:28 PM: A Red Cliff caller reported that they had gotten into a verbal argument with a neighbor over a kickball game.

Saturday, 9:20 AM: A Washburn caller reported that someone had put a huge boulder on his car seat, and that he would like it documented.

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