Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New York, Pt. 1: Regina's Apartment

Regina and I met out in Montana.

Long story short: we were both VISTAs. We were both fans of Twin Peaks. And we were both born on April 4th. (Well, almost. I was born at 11:50 PM on the 3rd a year earlier, after all. But it's close enough.) We both also really like mailing and receiving postcards. Clearly, some sort of kismet was at work here.

Regina fetched me from JFK Airport on 5/22 (remember this JFK reference, because it'll come back later, okay?), and took me back to her apartment in Brooklyn for a break before heading out that evening to meet up with some of her friends downtown.

(Regina by the fabulous if slightly-in-need-of-dusting fireplace in her building's lobby.)

Funny sidenote: anyone else remember a story on the news back in March about an SUV falling into a big sinkhole on a NYC street? Yeah, well, that was right down the street from Regina's place. Go figure.)

That said, Regina's current domicile is lovely. Seriously. Yeah, there's a mouse that lives behind the stove, and people seem to get randomly locked out on their fire escapes a lot, but compared to her digs in Billings...this place is like the Taj Mahal. Actual floors! Insulation! The option to take showers without having to use a garden hose coming out of the wall!

Regina and Cheda (her dog) have clearly moved on up. Of course, it helps that now she's got her fiancé John to help with the rent. (More on John later.) Strength in numbers!

(From left, clockwise: ACTUAL SHOWERHEAD!, Regina making some pie, Cheda waiting for someone to throw him a plastic water bottle to chew on.)

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