Friday, June 09, 2006

I wonder if he knows Splinter.

As I turned out of our driveway on my way to work yesterday morning, I spotted what appeared to be a large rock (or maybe a big clump of grass clippings) down at the bottom of our road. When I got toward the stop sign, though, it became very apparent that the "rock" had a tail.
And yessirree, there you have a big ol' Wisconsin
snapping turtle.

Now, normally when I find turtles on the road around here, I'll run over, pick them up, and move them to the side they're aiming toward. The lil' buggers really don't stand a chance crossing the busy county road between our place and the wetlands on the other side, so I like to help Mother Nature hedge her bets a bit and interfere.

But those are box turtles. Box turtles can't bite my fingers off. Mr. Snappy here can. So after I rolled down my car window, took a few pictures, and wished him good luck, I left Mr. Snappy to his own devices for the day.

Later that day, my mom remarked, "Hey, I saw a turtle out by the neighbor's mailbox this morning--and he was BIIIIIIIG!" So that means that in the hour between when my mom & I leave for work in the morning, the little dinosaur had probably put in about a quarter mile of walking. Not bad, for a turtle, anyway.

When I got home from work that night, I didn't see any busted-up turtle shells lining the side of the road, so I'm going to assume he made it to the swamp unscathed. :+)


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Nick said...

that bugger looks down right scary!