Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Son of Police Blotter

(See, it's a play on movie titles like Son of, nevermind.)

Monday, 7:46 AM: Report of a driver scraping the side of a fast food restaurant with the van she was navigating through the drive-through.

Tuesday, 1:08 PM: Caller reported that someone has been taking her vehicle and driving it while she is sleeping at night, leaving the seat in a pushed-back position, radio station tuned to unfamiliar stations and gas levels suspiciously low.

Tuesday, 6:18 PM: Caller reported that neighborhood kids are playing hardball in his yard and they are hitting his house with their ball. Update, 7:27 PM: The kids were warned and a parent came to put an end to their fun.

Tuesday, 7:25 PM: Report of a small child riding a lawnmower.

Wednesday, 1:22 PM: Caller reported that people in a white Grand Am convertible were throwing garbage and food out of the windows, and that they were heading towards Ashland from the "T."

Wednesday, 8:38 PM: Caller reports that her next-door neighbor slammed her son's finger in his screen door, and that he has really been picking on kids in the area.

Wednesday, 9:35 PM: Report of a minivan shining on the side of a road. Update, 9:38 PM: Van-driving subject was just looking for a calf that had gotten out of the fence.

Wednesday, 9:51 PM: Report that the former tenant of a home into which the caller is moving left a bunch of road signs behind.
Friday, 12:30 PM: Caller reported that five road signs were stolen over the winter.

(I wonder if those last two might be related to each other.)

And with that, I'm outta here for the week & off to NYC--hmm, wonder what their police blotters are like...

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