Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh no, not you again!!!

Oh my GOD.

Check this out: Organ donation club prioritizes members (including video!)

(If I could make that text any bigger, I totally would.)

Kaley, my brother Dewey's former fiancee.

Kaley, who was in our freakin' family Christmas card pictures.

Kaley, who kept Dewey sitting up nights at St. Luke's for weeks on end while she was "sick" whilst he continued to work his 40+ hour/week job to support her.

Kaley, who used Dewey's old car plus part of the FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS SHE STOLE FROM HER EMPLOYER to buy herself a fancy new car.

Kaley, who skips payments on the fancy new car and thus leaves Dewey (co-signor on her lease) stuck with the bill.

Kaley, who at the same time she was with Dewey was CHEATING ON HIM with some other guy down in the Cities.

Kaley, who couldn't be arsed to move her own crap out of their apartment, and whose crap wound up in my infinitely humane parents' garage for a year.

Kaley, who hid inside her house the day my eligible-for-canonization parents drove her stuff down to the Twin Cities and deposited it all on her lawn.

Kaley, who's now married to some poor dope who got one of his friends to give her a f&*$ing KIDNEY.


Wow. WOW. Karma police, arrest that woman.

(Do you see now why no one in my family is in a hurry to get married??? haha)


Red Crown Imperial said...

shut up it really hurt when they took that kidney out of me

Mary said...

Nobody wants your kidneys, Grey, they're all stony. haha