Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cause everyone's my friend in New York City.

After four years of talk and seemingly empty promises, I'm going to be visiting my friend Regina in New York City over Memorial Day weekend later this month. :+)

Actually, I'll be there for nearly a week (May 25 - May 31), which I hope will give me plenty of time to complete the scavenger hunt Regina's prepared for me.

(No, seriously. There's really a scavenger hunt. And it mentions the wearing of eye-patches and swashbuckling. I am so not making this up, and Regina knows better than to toy with me when it comes to swashbuckling.)

There's also talk of my fellow intrepid traveler, Josh, making an appearance (who you may recall from my European adventures at this time last year, and who is currently living in Ithaca doing another improbable VISTA term), as well as one of his brothers and his sister. Which is both exciting and terrifying, because man, those Pennels can drink.

And we are SO going to the Unisphere. At last!!! Let's hope this first trip to NYC is just the beginning.

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