Thursday, April 27, 2006

Police blotter.

(Harvested as always from The Daily Press.)

Tuesday, 12:32 AM: Report of alarm being activated at vet clinic. Update, 12:46 AM: A cat had gotten loose.

Tuesday, 12:19 PM: Caller reported that someone had destroyed his daughter's swimsuit that was worth $25.

Wednesday, 3:02 PM: Report of vehicle suspiciously pulling into driveways. Update, 3:03 PM: vehicle driver found to be a mailman.

Thursday, 10:51 AM: Caller reported that someone is unlawfully depositing items in her dumpster.

Thursday, 6:45 PM: Caller reported that there was a yellow-jacketed person carelessly rollerblading in the middle of Engoe Road, disturbing the caller.

Thursday, 11:14 PM: Caller reported she was jogging on Main Street and a group of teens threw snowballs at her.

Friday, 1:29 AM: Report of several stray horses and a white goat loose on State Road 118 and Franciskovich Road.

Friday, 8:20 AM: Caller reported her sister stole $30 from her.

Friday, 9:28 AM: Caller reported finding two huge draft horses with white manes and buckskin coloring in her yard.

Friday, 9:38 PM: Caller reported a "questionable" online sale.

Friday, 10:09 PM: Report of a male who kept falling over while riding a bike.

Saturday, 9:30 AM: Report of a vehicle parked in the middle of the road.

Saturday, 7:04 PM: Caller reported an ATV driving on the sidewalk in front of a bar.

Monday, 10:53 AM: Caller reported that his neighbor's dog came onto his property and killed 13-14 chickens.

Monday, 8:45 PM: Report of a confused elderly gentleman at gas station with two flat tires.

Monday, 9:36 PM: Report of kids hanging out in cars shooting each other with BB guns.

And, from the week before the ice went out...
Friday, 6:52 PM: Report of an ATV in the water near the coal dock.
Saturday, 2:13 PM: Report of an ATV in the water.
Saturday, 5:47 PM: Report of an ATV in the water.


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