Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beware the Ides of March!

Not these guys...

But these guys.

Although these folks make it look kind of fun.

In my 9th grade English class--which technically was a 10th grade English class, but let's not split hairs right now--when we read Julius Caesar one of our class projects was to re-enact the death scene in class, using knives cut out of construction paper, 20 of us swarming one poor dope selected to play Caesar. And it was AWESOME. Uh, bear in mind that this was a few years before Columbine...somehow, I don't think that'd fly now. But damn, was it cool at the time. (Actually, I don't think they even read Julius Caesar in 10th grade in WI anymore. Crying shame, it's such a nice departure from the typical Romeo & Juliet fare.)

The other project I undertook with my friend--and future college roommate--Melissa was to write song parodies using plot points & characters from the play. Most memorable was the "Portia Polka," sung to the tune of the immortal "Beer Barrel Polka."

You see, I've always been like this.


Red Crown Imperial said...

I think this whole Ceaser thing is bull shit made up by Paul Newman in order to sell Salad Dressing

Mary said...

Hmm...you'll have to take that up with Shakespeare, I reckon. ;+)