Friday, January 27, 2006

View from the top.

I took a drive up in the hills across the bay from Ashland yesterday afternoon, and took a few pictures of the view back toward town. Kind of gives a different perspective on the landscape...I like that from over there, you can see the hills to the south--reminds me that I'd like to get down by Mellen sometime this winter. There's a band of big hills there that remind me of Montana a bit...they're mighty steep, I believe there's even a fault line running underneath them.

What you might be able to pick out:
On the far left, the long brown thing sticking out into the lake is the Oredock.

Right by the middle, you can see a white spire/triangle shape--that's Our Lady of the Lake Church.

A tad bit to the right of the church, there's a big white rectangle-shaped building near the ice's edge--that's the Hotel Chequamegon.

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