Sunday, January 15, 2006

Santa = Patriot.

Taken secret-agent-like while driving past a house in Ashland.

Make no mistake about it, America is Santa's favorite.


LC said...

my question: who has santa out in mid-January?? :)

santa bless america!

Brie the flea said...

i think the more important question is what is that cowboy in the middle of the scene doing? Do my eyes deceive me or IS he taking a bath al fresco? Insert obvious topical reference to current critic's sweetheart film here... granted, if heath and/ or jake want to take a bath in my yard, i'll fetch a tub and find some water super quick.

p.s. mary, i'm coming to live to with you. we're going to stand on the corner and play halted burt backarack classics on our guitar and accordian. so tell flan that she'll soon be sharing her litter closet spectacular with grace and alfie...

thanks much

Mary said...

Oh yes, that's right--these local freedom lovers also support a cowboy's right to bathe himself in their front yard. Freedom is freedom, dammit, and that naked cowboy's freedom of speech must be protected! Or something like that.

And yes, all are welcome to come to Ashland and play hesitant versions of soft rock classics with me at any time. Well, calling ahead would be advised, though. :+)

(Disclaimer: my family's Christmas tree just got taken down I guess I can't pick on these folks for still having their junk up outside. Although, in our defense, at least our Christmas tree wasn't serving as a public eyesore.)