Friday, December 09, 2005

But who'll get there early and count the balls?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but...well, this is SHOCKING news--simply SHOCKING! I got to my friend
Sarah's house for bingo on Wednesday night, we got started with the bingo playing, and then one of the dippy hosts stopped to announce that next week will be the LAST BINGO TV BROADCAST...EVER! Yes, that's right--the show is being cancelled. And since it's the only show on the channel, I reckon that means that the channel's being cancelled, too. Woe onto us. And woe onto the soon-to-be-umemployed former theater majors hosting it, too, and this close to the holiday season at that. Maybe they can go find last-minute jobs as elves at those get-your-picture-taken-with-Santa things in the mall.

The only good news is that next week's final show will mean that the $32,000 jackpot will have to be given out, finally, so dammit I really need to get my head together next week and pay attention when they're calling the numbers out. People laugh, but really my B.A.D.D. (Bingo Attention Deficit Disorder) is no laughing matter, especially not when there's 32 grand in question. Whatever will we do with our Wednesday nights after that, though? I suppose we'll have to take up drinking instead...see, this is how it all starts, you take away the younguns' bingo nights, and all hell breaks loose.

On a bingo-related note, we keep seeing commercials for this guy's fitness tapes during the commercial breaks...and oh my god. His head, it just does not fit with his body...even if he got a haircut, he'd still look goofy. His face looks just like my screenwriting professor in college, too, making it all the more eerie and gross.

(I HIGHLY recommend his photo gallery...hahahahahhaha!)

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