Thursday, November 10, 2005

When it gets really windy & rainy like it was yesterday, the clay on the bottom of the bay gets churned up in all the waves--thus, making the water look kind of reddish. We're on one of the more shallow parts of Lake Superior, and we're fairly well-protected by the Apostle Islands as well--but imagine how wild it must've been up north, out on the big

Incidently, today's also the anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald...that Gordon Lightfoot song, it used to be playing on Safeway's muzak system about every third time I'd walk into that store out in Helena. Kind of an odd song to play to try to get people to buy more groceries, but whatever, maybe Safeway knows more about how morbid sea chanties affect their profit margins than I do. It always gave me this weird twinge of homesickness--which is probably a little strange, since it's a song about some pretty dark subject matter. But then again, I guess coming from a family that's had relatives out on the boats, and who knew some of the people on the Fitz, it served as some kind of touchstone for me out there, to remind me of home while I was away.

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