Saturday, November 19, 2005

Suddenly, I feel saner than ever.

So I was just reading this newsletter I get about yarn (don't even start, I've already explained myself!), and all I can think is dude, what's up with the duck in a scarf?

I don't understand--did someone rescue a duck, then keep it as a pet, and make it a scarf to wear around the house? Because if they did, then I think we just found a whole new level of crazy beyond "crazy cat lady" crazy.


Brie the flea said...

it might be hard to get your hands on it out there in the middle of, well, nowhere :) BUT... there's a fantastically witty docu. called The Natural History of the Chicken I saw at a film fest. years back that put's this duck business to shame :) we're talking bows in feathers here!

Mary said...

Consider it added to the Netflix queue... ;+) (Thank heavens for PBS.)