Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm thankful for Dimples. (And wine coolers.)

Found this today in the vault...

Thanksgiving 2001. My first Thanksgiving away from home in first Thanksgiving meal sitting at a non-kids' first Thanksgiving with a shaved head...

...and, my first Thanksgiving with DIMPLES!

Dimples, of course, is Richard "Dimples" Fields, the singer/songwriter of such classic hits as "People Treat You Funky (When You Got No Money)," "Dog or Hog, (!)" "She's Got Papers On Me," "Neckgrabber" (?!?), and "Dear Mr. God." He's like the Wesley Willis (rest his soul) of R&B.

So not only did we have some def jams at Emily & Kevin's house...we also had wine coolers. Ahh, my wine cooler phase. That was a good couple of years.

Four years, my hair is long, the wine coolers are gone, and I'm back in Sconny...but fear not. For my Dimples LP shall be with me always. (Mostly because you can't even give that crap away.)

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