Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If you guessed it was an guessed right!!! And I'm so proud of you!

Wait, sorry, I was having a flashback and thought I was talking to Owen... :+)

For today, a long-held dream of mine (well, for a couple of years, anyway) came, I become a dork.*

My old friend Lydia was in town for Thanksgiving, and she called me up to come over to her schoolhouse (no, really, she lives in a school--long story) & check it out. I figure if anyone knows accordians, it's Lydia--she did go to France to study the damn things, after all. It's nothing fancy, but it's in good shape, the bellows are in fine condition and all the keys work.'s GLITTERY. Everyone wins with glitter!!!

*Okay, that's grossly inaccurate, but I was going for dramatic effect.


Brie the flea said...

Mary! That is splendiforus! Glitter? No?! Yes!

Last week I got a guitar, a real non-Walmart gee-tar and i know 5 whole chords already! I'm going on tour next week!

We must *jam* soon!

Mary said...

We'll do like Garth in Wayne's World and we'll set up a series of satellites to enable our online jam session and oh, yes, then there will be jam! Or jamming! Or BOTH!!!

Brie the flea said...

Dude! Yes! Quick, learn Stairway to Heaven!