Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who are the people in my (former) neighborhood?

(The "Big Red Building" on the corner of 6th & Davis, my old block in Helena)

Excerpted from the Helena Independent Record, 10.5.2005:
Several residents of an apartment complex on the 300 block of North Davis were evacuated from their homes Monday night when a Butte man took refuge in one of the apartments there after allegedly firing a number of shots inside the building.

According to Helena Police Chief Troy McGee, Michael Richard Simington, 27, held officers at bay for about six hours before members of the city/county special events team burst into the apartment and took him into custody.

Nine residents were evacuated from the apartment complex and received assistance from the Red Cross, according to McGee. Others refused to leave their homes.

On Tuesday, officials were still unclear about what exactly precipitated the shooting, but witnesses said Simington had been drinking with some of the tenants of the apartment complex throughout the day. The tenants said the gun had been in Simington's possession during that time, and shortly before the shooting they asked him to put it away.
I just hope that Ted Nugent & Jesus got out of there okay!!! (Wolverine, well, I figure he can handle himself.)

Did I ever mention on here that the day I left Helena, I saw Jesus & his dog right before I drove out of town? Yeah, I was out by my car, putting the last of my stuff in there, when Jesus came walking down the street--I didn't recognize him at first, because he'd cut his beautiful man-'fro, but sure enough it was him. When he reached my car, he stopped, faced me, and said the following:

"Make sure that you check your oil & brake fluid before you hit the road."

With that, he turned and walked away, his dog trailing happily behind him.

Truly, words to live by. The wisdom of Jesus knows no bounds.
"So it is written, so it is done."


Brie the flea said...

a story so beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye


Mary said...

It is a heartwarming little tale, isn't it?

LC said...

holy hell, batman. I think your old neighborhood had the highest crime rate in the U S of A.

guns for everyone, that'll make the world safer. psssht.