Sunday, October 16, 2005

Things'll be great when you're downtown.

On Thursday night, I went up to Duluth for an evening of carousing with my friend Maria. Maria and I met in college, as two fresh-faced but deeply surly students in the UMD English Department. I knew Maria was a keeper when I realized she could quote obscure Conan O'Brien lines such as, "Not cool, Zeus, not cool" and when she taught me how to make Jell-O shots. (She is also one of the few, the proud, the former members of the aptly-shortlived UMD Ricky Martin Appreciation Club. Not many are self-confident enough to admit that without blushing, and it should be mentioned that Maria not only freely admits her membership, she still has the Ricky Martin teddy bear she won at a meeting. Now that's commitment.)

Unfortunately, I didn't think to get a picture of Maria's badass anchor tattoo while I was up there (it is ultra-swank!), but I did get some pictures of downtown Duluth the following morning. (Don't worry, I'll be back up in Duluth sometime soon, and I promise to take more scandalous pictures next time.)


maria said...

i also still have a poster of ricky that i keep on the bottom of my laundry basket, so that every time i wash my clothes i get to admire ricky's beautiful, er, ricky-ness. also i like to imagine that i'm making him smother under a heap of panties.

Mary said...

Hey, he's gotta go somehow.

(Although deep down, I still harbor the deep suspicion that if push came to shove, Ricky'd probably prefer smothering under a heap of tighty-whities.

LC said...

did you guys know that he has a new album out? I'm watching him on Regis & Kelly this very moment. hot.