Thursday, October 13, 2005

Movin' (Grandma) on up...

Since around the time I got back to Wisconsin from Montana, we've been in the process of helping my Grandma Rosie move from her little house down by the lake into a senior citizen apartment complex up toward the center of town (by the Highrise, for those of you familiar with Ashland geography). Well, after many weeks of cleaning, sorting, packing, and hauling, we finally got everything wrapped up this past weekend with the closing of the sale on her house.

It's bittersweet, but I think for my parents and I (who did the bulk of said cleaning, sorting, packing, and hauling), I think it's more of a relief than anything else. I know that my grandma's sad to leave her house--she built it for herself around the time I was born, after my grandpa had died, and it was right down on the isolated little street by the lake that she grew up on--but at the same time, she's 86, and the place was getting to be a bit much for her to manage. And thus, consequently, a bit much for the rest of us to help her manage. She seems to be acclimating nicely to the new apartment--we fixed it up very lovely-like for her, and somehow managed to fit an alarming amount of stuff into those two big rooms so she's got all her essentials like her boombox, her sewing machine, and her NASCAR paraphernalia...(no, really)

Anyway, here's a few pictures from down at her old house this past weekend--my family went down there to move out the last bits of leftover furniture, and to give the place the final once-over before turning over the keys to the new owner on Monday.

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